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Professional Development

We provide regular, current and relevant training and preparatory programs aimed at current and future practitioners.

Exam Preparation

Preparation for Recognized, Provisional and /or Certified Interpreter or Translator exams, PD points and practice Tests

​​Courses (on site) and webinars covering all facets of translating and interpreting delivered by highly trained educators and expert industry presenters

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Our Courses and Programs are appropriate for NAATI accredited/certified  interpreters and translators required to recertify/certify their credentials.

Online Learning - Webinars

Complete Professional Development activities online in a virtual classroom environment.

Language Experts





"Recently I attended the Legal and Court Interpreting Course organised by Language Experts. It was a two-day comprehensive training course, well organised and well presented. It covered thoroughly the legal system and court structure and functions in Australia, interpreter's role in the court context, their challenges, duties and responsibilities, as well as the specific vocabulary used in courts. It was a highly interactive course with well thought-out real life scenarios regarding Interpreter's role and conduct in courts, followed by good and detailed discussion on matters of interest. The course also gave good guidance on how to develop a glossary of legal terms and terminology. We even were given personalised advice on how to enhance our skills as Interpreters in the court. I definitely gained valuable knowledge and skills from this course. I would recommend T&I practitioners to attend this course when an opportunity arises. A big thank you to the Language Experts and to our Trainer," Armine Yeghiazaryan, Sydney NSW

"Thank you once again for the excellent course (Chuchotage-Whispered Simultaneous Interpreter Course). I have enjoyed it tremendously both from the professional and personal aspects. Great to see you again too." Susan Halliday, Melbourne, Victoria

" I am very grateful for being able to obtain inspiration, strength as well as knowledge from your webinars", Chen Chen, NSW. 

" Thanking you for an enjoyable year of training," Maria Goncalves, Queensland

"I find it very interesting. It reminds me of many useful points and issues. It gives me a good chance to talk to some of my colleagues" on the Chuchotage Course, Van Ky Chau, NSW

"I expected something very different, but this was exciting and educational," Ms. Nathalie Farah, NSW

"I walk away a wiser telephone interpreter. Very useful and I would recommend it to other interpreters." Yahya Kilic, New South Wales

“I would like to thank Language Experts for the training that I have done via Webinar in recent weeks. Language Experts  professionalism and informative training is commendable", Shiva Haidary

"I found the note-taking seminar, the advice, techniques and tips very helpful, and in order for it to become meaningful, I needed a lot of practice of my own to look back at my notes and derive some meaning from them",  writes Angeliki Stein, Queensland

" I really enjoyed the webinar. It was practical and useful, some things I could apply right away to my daily work as well. As a mother of a 2 year old who is also working 2 jobs, the webinar gives me flexibility regarding time, and the fact that I could take the webinar at home made it possible for me to further my development in my chosen field. The sessions with Silvana were thorough and detailed, sprinkled with some of the trainer's extensive experience and I very much enjoyed them. Will definitely be doing more in the future. Rina Sawaya, Melbourne Victoria

"Many thanks for a most interesting and informative day" states Bernadette Hunt on the Introduction to Health-Legal Interpreter and Translator Course.

" I have read the books published by Language Experts especially the Training Handbook for Health and Medical Interpreters in Australia. I found it so detailed, (it) contains a lot of information as it encompasses all the important facets of the health care industry and (it) is rich in information for both health workers and interpreters. These two books have made professional interpreters' work look easier than it was (is)." Angela Lam.

"Many thanks for your informative, relevant and beneficial refresher seminars. Additionally, they were a wonderful opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience with other interpreters, " Vahid Khoshkhesal.

"I thank you for your effort to organise the training (Legal and Court Interpreting Course) we had for two days in Sydney. I am still on Mary (Vasilakakos) book, not just reading but enjoying as I am reading the book for the second time now, trying to put my hand on all the precious tips and advice for a more professional way of looking at interpreting in general and Legal Interpreting in particular. In short I can say this training changed the way I looked at interpreting and made me ask many questions and start looking for answers, thanks to all of your team," Rola Mizian.

"It is not only good to learn these things, but also to have a chance to see that other interpreters are facing the same situations as I am," Mr Wei Qing Mao.

“I was honoured to have the opportunity to learn so much from (Language Experts) and for you to share your wonderful life experiences in different areas. I am grateful for your effort and time in delivering the course (Introduction to Interpreting Course) which was  invaluable.” Ban Markho.

"I enjoyed the session (Introduction to Interpreting Course) and the way the teacher transferred information was brilliant and helpful!" Fatemeh Azardel.

"It is my pleasure to attend this course (Introduction to Interpreting Course). This session helps me to reskill so I may work as an interpreter in Bangla and Rohingya languages," Rezanuzzaman Chowdhury.

"Thank you very much for organising the Webinar during the weekend. I greatly benefit from the course because it not only gives us a systemic view in certain areas such as research skills and telephone interpreting, but also provides us with a lot of useful resources for further improvement after the class. I truly believe that any professionals should never stop learning. Attending PD courses is one of the best ways to perfecting yourself as a pro and improving the quality of the industry. So thank you for all the information you provided and the great advice too. Looking forward to the next study opportunity with you in the future," Shuang Cecily, Webinar Participant

"It was a good opportunity for me to meet both you and Mary, who are experienced in this field, and get valuable ideas. The information on all the courses and workshops is being delivered to my email, so I'll probably be able to see you again,"

Sophia Ra, PHD Candidate UNSW, Sydney