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"A Training Handbook for Health and Medical Interpreters in Australia" is a surprisingly good book for interpreters. It gives me insights into the medical field as it is well researched and thoroughly easy to read" states Angela Lam, an interpreter in the Mandarin and English languages.

In addition to delivering professional development, recertification and preparatory training services, Language Experts has a wide collection of current and relevant publications and reference materials on interpreting and translation from Australia and around the world.

If you are a practicing or an aspiring interpreter and/or translator, you will benefit from the most informative and educational books and publications published in recent times in Australia and around the world.

Two such books are our own publications titled: 

A Training Handbook for Legal and Court Interpreters in Australia, by M.Vasilakakos, published in January 2015 and 

A Training Handbook for Health and Medical Interpreters in Australia, by M. Vasilakakos, published in November 2015.  

These two  publications are part of a series of training handbooks published by Language Experts specifically developed for interpreters working in the legal and court settings as well as the health and medical settings in Australia.     

Both books are original material developed to provide the trainee interpreter/translator with a quality professional development program which covers the fundamental and foundation professional principles, concepts, debates and issues current in the Australian interpreting and translation profession in general, and in interpreting and translation in legal and court settings as well as the health and medical settings in particular.

These professional development training publications are designed to give trainees a solid understanding of these principles, concepts, debates and issues, so that they may confidently apply them to the professional day to day practice.  

The author of the book, Mary Vasilakakos is a senior educator with extensive experience in Higher Education teaching, curriculum development and course design. She is a foundation member in the field of bilingual education in translating and Interpreting in Australia, having worked in this field since its inception in the late 1970's and early 1980's. She is also the co-author of the seminal textbook "Liaison Interpreting, a Handbook." The books are edited by Silvana Pavlovska. The books are catalogued with the National Library of Australia and available for purchase in paperback as well as E-book, directly from Language Experts or our distributor, Coinfo.

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In addition to "A Handbook for Legal and Court Interpreters in Australia" available for purchase are the following publications:    
1. Community Language Interpreting-A Workbook, Jieun Lee and Adrian Buzo. ​ This most popular educational and reference book is an Australian publication written by prominent educators and practitioners of interpreting and translation is an excellent resource guide for trainees as well as practicing interpreters. The aim of this book is to help trainee interpreters in particular to develop their skills in community, business and official interpreting. It provides a broad range of practice options and may be used as a workbook, textbook, or self-study aid for students preparing for professional accreditation tests.

2. In other Words, Mona Baker 2. Interpreter Policies, Practices and Protocols in Australian Courts   and Tribunals-A National Survey ​

3. A Practical Guide for Translators, Geoffrey Samuelsson-Browne

4. Telephone Interpreting-A Comprehensive Guide to the Profession, Nataly Kelly

5. Meaning-Based translation, A Guide to Trans-Cultural equivalence, Mildred L. Larson

6. Forensic Translation: An Introduction to Forensic Translation Analysis, Ali Darwish ​

A Training Handbook for Legal and Court Interpreters in Australia and the A Training Handbook of Health and Medical Interpreters in Australia, Language Experts publications are catalogued by the National Library in Canberra and each of the State Libraries around the country including the Parliamentary Libraries in the relevant states. The books are copyright. PLEASE SCROLL DOWN THE PAGE ​TO SELECT AND PURCHASE ​YOUR BOOK To purchase the two Language Experts publications please contact our book distributor here.           
If the book you are looking for is not listed above, please contact us via enquiry form so that we may be able to assist you.

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Coursebook on translation
community language interpreting
Training handbook for legal and court interpreters

A Training Handbook for Legal and Court Interpreters in Australia 

Author:   Mary Vasilakakos

Publisher: Language Experts  

Date Published: 2015

Genre: Interpreting , Translation and Teaching

ISBN: 978-0-9925873-0-7

Fee Including GST $77.00 + $14.50 postage and handling

Telephone interpreting
Meaning based translation

Fee Including GST $80.50 + $14.50 ​postage & handling

Fee Including GST $95.00 + $14.50 ​postage & handling

In Other Words

Author:  Mona Baker

Publisher: Routledge

Date Published: 2011

Genre: Translating and Interpreting

ISBN:   978-0- 415-46754-4

Fee Including GST $95.00

Community Language Interpreting  A Workbook

Authors:   Jieun Lee and Adrian Buzo

Publisher: The Federation Press

Date Published: 2009

Genre: Translating and Interpreting

ISBN:   978-1-86287-746-7

Fee Including GST $80.50

Telephone Interpreting A Comprehensive Guide to the Profession

Author:  Nataly Kelly

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

Date Published: 2008

Genre: Translating and Interpreting

ISBN:   978 1425 185015

Fee Including GST $70.00 + $14.50 postage and handling

Meaning-Based Translation A Guide to Cross-Cultural Equivalence

Author:  Mildred L. Larson

Publisher: University Press of America, Inc. 

Date Published: 1998

Genre: Language,Translation and Interpreting

ISBN:   978-0-7618-0971-5

Fee Including GST $ 80.00 + $14.50 postage and handling

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Training handbook for Health and Medical Interpreters in Australia

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A Training Handbook for Health and Medical Interpreters in Australia 

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​​Author: Mary Vasilakakos

Publisher: Language Experts 

Date Published: 2015

Genre: Interpreting , Translation and Teaching

ISBN: 978-0-992587321 (paperback)

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