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​​Author: Mary Vasilakakos

Publisher: Language Experts 

Date Published: 2015

Genre: Interpreting , Translation and Teaching

ISBN: 978-0-992587321 (paperback)

Fee Including GST $77.00 + $14.50  for postage & handling

​​​​Language Experts courses and programs are appropriate for:
Certified/Accredited Interpreters and Translators required to recertify their credentials

  • Practicing Interpreters and/or Translators at any accreditation/certification credential wishing to maximise their career opportunities
  • Persons wishing to participate in preparatory studies with a view to further training
  • Prospective candidates taking their first step in preparing for a Provisional and/or Interpreter or Translator tests​

Applicants interested in obtaining recognition of their language

The programs are currently delivered on site in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, as well as via On-line learning via Webinars by using the latest online technology. The programs are flexible, high quality, intensive skills-based and each unit is tailored to the needs of the participants. Language Experts is also a supplier and publisher of books on Interpreting and Translation. Some of the books available for purchase are listed below.​​ Please scroll down to see the books. 

A Training Handbook for Health and Medical   Interpreters in Australia 

Training handbook for Health and Medical Interpreters in Australia

In Other Words

Author:  Mona Baker

Publisher: Routledge

Date Published: 2011

Genre: Translating and Interpreting

ISBN:   978-0- 415-46754-4

Fee Including GST $95.00 + $14.50 ​postage & handling

Fee Including GST $80.50 + $14.50 ​postage & handling

Community Language Interpreting  A Workbook

Authors:   Jieun Lee and Adrian Buzo

Publisher: The Federation Press

Date Published: 2009

Genre: Translating and Interpreting

ISBN:   978-1-86287-746-7

Fee Including GST $77.00 + $14.50 postage & handling

A Training Handbook for Legal and Court Interpreters in Australia 

Author:   Mary Vasilakakos

Publisher: Language Experts  

Date Published: 2015

Genre: Interpreting , Translation and Teaching

ISBN: 978-0-9925873-0-7

Professional Development Training for Interpreters & Translators

The Medical Terminology Course continues to be delivered  in major capital cities in Australia.  This training program is of great benefit to interpreters working in the Health and Medical Sectors. In the course, interpreters learn how to “dissect” medical vocabulary into its component parts and understand the Greek and Latin prefixes and suffixes which constitute modern medical vocabulary. Many interpreters are nervous about venturing into the medical world due to a lack of vocabulary or understanding of medical terminology but this course opens the door for you and provides pathways for further learning. In addition to being a valuable tool to increase one’s knowledge and skills in the Health and Medical settings the course also provides participants with 20 PD points (Category 1.3)  towards Recertification.

Participants at our Sydney presentation all agreed that the course provided an enjoyable learning experience and would be of benefit to them in furthering their interpreting and translator career. 

Language Experts also provides onsite day courses in Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne where many interpreters and translators benefit from our pd individual training modules. Completing the available modules in one day is a convenient way to acquire the majority of Professional Development points required for recertification. These one-day programs are available regularly in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne with the next available dates listed in the Training Calendar page of our website.  You can register for all the scheduled modules in one day or select the modules most beneficial or convenient to you. 

Our highly qualified practicing and experienced interpreters, translators and trainers encourage a free and active class participation.  Interpreting, by and large, is a solo enterprise and can be at times both daunting and lonely with little or no professional interchange with other interpreters. At our training sessions, we encourage interpreters to share their experiences with each other. Many interpreters comment positively on the opportunity this provides to interact with other interpreters and share their experiences with fellow colleagues. One interpreter commented, “I thought I was the only one to have experienced such situations, but it has been very encouraging to listen to everyone else’s experience and know that I am not alone.” Another comment expressed by a practitioner is “ Well done for your quality training programs and the opportunity to meet other interpreters”.

​​"As a recognised leader in the provision of language communication services, Language Experts is committed to the continuous development of the translation and interpreting profession in Australian and internationally," says Silvana Pavlovska, CEO of Language Experts. 

Language Experts provides regular, current and relevant training and preparatory programs aimed at current and future interpreting and translation practitioners who:

  • Want to fulfill their Recertification requirements

  • Want to develop and maintain existing skills

  • Want to upgrade their certification credential

  • Are interested in translation and interpreting as a career

  • Would benefit from essential skills needed to acquire certification

Exam Preparation

Preparation for Recognized, Provisional and /or Certified Interpreter or Translator exams, PD points and practice Tests​​

Online Learning Via Webinars

Complete PD and Recertification activities delivered online in a virtual classroom environment.

Professional Development

Regular, current & relevant training incl. preparatory programs aimed at current and future practitioners.

Take advantage of the many and varied training modules, workshops and courses such as:

Chuchotage - Whispered Simultaneous Interpreter Course

Linguistics for Interpreters and Translators

Legal and Court Interpreter and Translator Course

Medical Terminology for Interpreters and Translators Course

Health and Medical Interpreter and Translator Course

Introduction to Health-Legal Interpreter and Translator Course

Introduction to Interpreting/Translation Course

Ethics and Professionalism Course

Ethics and Professionalism Modules 1, 2 and 3

Listening and Comprehension for Interpreters and Translators Module

Memory Retention and Note Taking Skills Modules 1 and 2 for Interpreters and Translators

Dialogue and Consecutive Interpreter Skills

​​Note-Taking in Consecutive Interpreting Skills

English Language Consolidation

Translation Techniques for Translators

Use of CAT Tools (Wordfast and Trados) and a lot more.

All our training programs attract professional development CPD points for ​​recertification. ​​​Language Experts currently delivers regularly more than twenty individual modules/courses and workshops in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane on site and fifteen courses/modules via Webinar.

In addition to these services, practitioners outside Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide can take advantage of our On-line learning program via Webinar where services are delivered in real-time in a virtual classroom environment. 
Language experts prides itself on its flexible, professional services to meet interpreter and translator training and professional development needs, and assist you in achieving Recertification PD points easily and conveniently. All our training services are designed and delivered by experts in the industry. A Certificate of Attendance is available to participants who have completed a particular module, unit of competence, workshop or course upon request for a small fee. To discuss your needs and requirements, please complete the Enquiry Form. We look forward to assisting you with your training needs.

​​Flexible high quality intensive skills based, highly interactive on-site and webinar sessions 


Courses and Modules are appropriate for NAATI certified  interpreters and translators required to recertify their credentials.​

Recertification & PD training

Tel: +61 3 90771418

​​​Courses (on site) and webinars covering all facets of translating and interpreting delivered by highly trained educators and expert industry presenters


According to NAATI LTD policy on certification, "Certification allows interpreters and translators to demonstrate that they are up-to-date and committed to the highest level of competency" .

This can be achieved by attaining CPD points through activities delivered by Language Experts Australia wide such as modules/courses/workshops and webinars. Attending our preparatory training for the purpose of obtaining certification/accreditation at a higher level or gaining additional certification.
For more information on earning professional development points, please call (03) 90771418. To register for any of our courses, complete the enquiry. 

We look forward to assisting you with your training needs! 

Your Training Team

Language Experts